Between Coasts is an online magazine publishing stories about the middle for the coasts–and for us. Our stories are written by people who live in so-called red counties with a particular focus on the ways in which national trends and policies shape local lives. If you’re interested in sponsoring the work we do, contact us at


Between Coasts tells stories from the flyover country, local journalism with a national outlook. We are especially interested in deeply reported narrative journalism. Coming issues will focus on these topics, broadly interpreted: Bake Sales, Drugs, Weapons, Work, Home, Incarceration. Go to our website for a better sense of what we’re up to. Email pitches or full pieces (no more than 2500 words) to

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  • Jack Shuler (Editor, Writer)
  • Lizz Stearns (Associate Editor)
  • Kasey Grieco McNeally (Assistant Editor, Writer)
  • Sarah Schaff (Assistant Editor)
  • Aaron Fuleki (Technical Director, Assistant Editor)
  • Trent Edmunds (Illustration)