Two Gun and Trey and Me

By Matthew Hansen   The man in the white cowboy hat knew the jig was up the day he entered a Chicago courtroom, placed his hand on the Bible and swore to tell the whole truth. Richard Hart wasn’t on trial that day in September 1951. The prosecution had called him to the stand as […]

Lyndsey Gilpin’s maternal grandmother in Eastern Kentucky, Lyndsey Gilpin.

Shifting the Southern Narrative, or Why I Came Home

Confronting the difficult truths of a changing Southern landscape. By Lyndsey Gilpin   In the faded photo, my grandmother is 14 years old, huddled close to her best friend on a wooden fence somewhere in Eastern Kentucky. She’s wearing a sweater and rolled-up jeans, the humidity frizzing her chestnut-brown hair. The Appalachian mountainside climbs straight […]