Between Coasts is an online magazine publishing stories about the middle for the coasts–and for us. Our stories are written by people who live in the so-called flyover country with a particular focus on the ways in which national trends and policies shape local lives. We also highlight the work of writers working in under-reported places.

Since we first launched in late 2016, we have worked tirelessly to find new stories. For our re-launch, we invited writer and editor Carson Vaughan to serve as contributing editor and to do that hard work (Thank you, Carson!). The stories he curated and edited will roll out over the next few months. Carson is a freelance journalist from Nebraska who writes frequently about the Great Plains. His work has appeared in the New Yorker, the New York Times, the Guardian, the Paris Review Daily, Outside, Pacific Standard, Slate, the Atlantic, VICE, In These Times, and more. Please check out his new book Zoo Nebraska (Little A, 2019).



Between Coasts tells stories from the flyover country, local journalism with a national outlook. We are especially interested in deeply reported narrative journalism. Submit work for “Editor’s Picks” or pitches to to [email protected]. Pitches should give a sense of what your story will look like, who you’ll interview, etc. Email pitches in the body of the email.

Between Coasts holds first publication rights for three months after publication. Authors agree not to publish, nor authorize or permit the publication of, any part of the material for three months following first publication. For reprints we ask for acknowledgement of first publication in Between Coasts.


  • Jack Shuler (Editor)
  • Carson Vaughan (Contributing Editor)
  • Sarah Schaff (Assistant Editor)
  • Timothy O’Connor Fraser (Technical Director, Assistant Editor)
  • Trent Edmunds (Illustration)
  • Savannah Delgross (Social Media intern)