issue 5: frontiers

Race Home

In late August 2016, about five minutes from my house, Kenneth Walker, the only black volunteer firefighter in North Tonawanda, New York, received a racist threat in the mail. It read: NIGGERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE FIREFIGHTERS. NO ONE WANTS YOU IN THIS CITY. YOU HAVE UNTIL THE END OF THE WEEK TO RESIGN […]

issue 4: organizing

Dead Reckoning

  “Where are we?” says one sailor. “I’m not sure. Do we even know where we’re going?” replies the other. They share looks of consternation and confusion, a moment of despair. Then they pull out their log books and their compasses. They calculate their place in the world, which way they’re headed and how far […]

issue 4: organizing


The town of Portsmouth, Ohio, has been called the “pill mill of America” and has signified ground zero of the opioid epidemic for many. The Portsmouth Stealth, a semi-pro football team, and one that is community-minded, is telling a different story about their town. They play in Spartan Stadium, once home to one of the original […]